Environmental Substance Compliance Assurance

Dear Customers:

           APTChip Microelectronics follows environmental laws and legislation of every country, and guarantees that: 

1.All products are compliant to RoHS2.0 (EU Directive entitled ”Restriction on the certain Hazardous Substances 2011/65/EU”). No RoHS restricted hazardous metals Cd、Pb、Hg、Cr6+、PBBs、PBDEs、DEHP、BBP、DBP、DIBP are added in production.

2.Fully acknowledged of REACH (Registration,Evaluation,Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) 1907/2006/EC legislation. Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in the legislation are not used.

3.The RoHS2.0 listed 10 hazardous substances are strictly managed and controlled, and inspected regularly. The inspection is performed by a third-party company and the inspection report is supplied by the company.

4.The document is kept by APTChip for inspection. APTChip only provides the third-party (vendor) RoHS report to customers. 

          The above assurance does not includes in-compliance of the following un-intended circumstances:  impurity, stain, misusage, omission, and accident.

APTChip Microelectronics

May.19th, 2016

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Environmental Substance Compliance Assurance