MCU burning device


     1)   Supports all APT32 serial MCU products
     2)   Up to 16M Byte Flash memory is embedded
     3)   Configurable user data, and product configurable through APT ISP software
     4)   Support standalone program without PC control
     5)   Support display of program information such as program count, authority count, checksum and user configuration.
     6)   One sample per program time is supported
     7)   Selecting device model only by PC control
     8)   hip Erase: All data in device Flash will be erased
     9)   Program: Program device Flash according to configuration. Only Program the flash code and user option by default. Program scenario is configurable including erase, program, verify, blank-check.                      
   10)   Verify: All data in device Flash will be compared one by one with buffered data in programmer                  
   11)   Blank-check: To check if the Flash is empty
   12)   Checksum: There’s device checksum and file checksum. The file checksum is displayed on programmer, and file checksum will be compared with device checksum.                       
   13)   Count: Programmer will record the times of program. When the downloaded file is not an encrypted one, the count records the success program times and count value will be cleared when power-off. If the file is encrypted, the programmer will record the success program times and count value will not been cleared even power-off, and the program cannot be implemented anymore when the count reaches authorized value.                       
   14)    Program beep indicator
   15)    Program voltage: 5V/3V selectable
   16)    Encrypted file output: APT ISP supports encrypted file generation, the file includes the authority information, programmer setup and real data                                                                      
   17)    Program Counts: maximum 999999
   18)    Password setup: Supports characters, numbers and symbols. Minimum length is 6 words.
   19)    Rolling code: Supports rolling code generation, maximum 12bit
   20)    Program Push-button: Start program when the key is pushed
   21)    Communication: USB interface
   22)    PC Driver: Not needed
   23)    Power: external 5V/1A power adapter
   24)    OS requirements: Windows XP/7/10 OS
   25)    Download file format: Supporting Intel HEX file
   26)    USB Power Requirements: Supporting direct powered by USB cable, the cable impedance should be less than 8 ohm                                  
   27)    upport interactive with program machine.
   28)    Dimension: 155 * 95 * 29 (MM)


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