Touch the debugger


1)    Supported Model: Capacitive touch sensor serial, such as APT8L08, APT8L16 …
2)    Support 5V and 3V power supply
3)   USB interface, no extra driver is needed
4)   Communication between debugger and target is using IIC interface. Debugger will automatically recognize the target chip model when connected.
5)   Configurable registers through debugger
6)   Configurable IO control and touch parameters through debugger

7)   Display real touch sampling data and maximum sampling data.
8)   Display real touch offset value with maximum value recording
9)  Convenient configure the threshold of each channel, and automatically calculating threshold according to user setup.
10) Editable channel name based on project
11) Supporting single and multiple channel detection setup
12) Configurable working clock frequency
13) Configurable chip address (only APT8L16/8S16)
14) Export/Import real data records
15) DEMO Code Automatically generate Demo drive code based on user configuration
16) Import of user code into debugger is possible

17) Colorized touch status monitoring
18) Power of USB supply, VDD=5V
19) PnP functionality, supports Windows XP/7/8/10 OS


Name Version Size
APTKitV2_0 manual 2.0 1.02MB
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