Capacitive Touch Sensor

APT capacitive touch sensor adopts APT owned algorithm (APT advanced Capacitive Sensing). Compared with traditional MCU based touch sensor, APT sensor integrates the algorithm by hardware and no external complex circuit is needed. Through embedded digital processing, APT sensor features a great noise immunity to noise injection and passes Class A in EMI/EMC testing. The senor’s SNR is up to 120:1 and it ensures work properly under high humidity environment. Auto-Adaptive scheme is embedded and makes the sensor work properly along with environment change. APT touch senor adopts an IIC communication interface, and works under slave mode. All parameters can be configured at any time the senor is working. The power consumption under working is only 25uA@3V, and the stop current low to 1uA. By ultra low power of APT sensor, it is suitable for replacing traditional key with APT touch sensor in wide application such as home appliance, remote controller, wearable devices, etc.


Capacitive Touch Sensor
Product Name Number of Pins Number of Channels Operating Voltage Other features Click to view
APT8Sxx Serials 14/16/24 8/16 2.2V-5.5V IIC Click to view
APT8Lxx Serials 14/16/24 8/16 2.2V-5.5 IIC Click to view
APT7Dxx Serials 6/8 1/2 2.2-5.5 Click to view
APT7Lxx Serials 6/8/16 1/2/5 2.2V-5.5V Click to view
Capacitive Touch Sensor
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